San Angelo, Texas

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The Challenge

In the City of San Angelo, TX, a drainage ditch located on private property was in an area with limited space and required relocation. The ditch cut the property in half diagonally making it undevelopable, complicating things further

The Solution

Engineers with the city proposed a new alignment that would relocate the drainage ditch pipes along the property edge into an easement and allow water to pass under a DOT highway through (3) 2’x5’ underground concrete box culverts and into (2) 48” HDPE pipes. Due to the limited space on the property, the use of traditional prefab concrete headwalls could not meet the narrow dimension in which the city had to work. To tackle the issue, Pro-Eco-Lite™ Headwalls were recommended as they were lightweight composite, manufactured ahead of time and could be delivered directly to the site ready to install. In addition, because Pro-Eco-Lite™ Headwalls came with security grates they did not have to be constructed manually in the field.

The Results

The realignment of the drainage ditch made the property developable and functional. Installation of the headwalls went very well; after several large rain events the city reported that the headwalls and system functioned better than anticipated.

Given the opportunity, we would use the Pro-Eco-Lite headwalls again.

Lance Overstreet

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