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23 Series - Service Boxes

23 Series - Service Boxes

  • 23 series service boxes available in 24”,29” and 35” depths

  • Available model numbers with lid include: 2324PL, 2329PL, 2335PL

  • Available model numbers with bottoms cut out and lid include: 2324PLA, 2329PLA, 2335PLA

  • Lid locator option model numbers: 2324PLOC, 2329PLOC, 2335PLOC

  • Available options include: 8” riser or change in grade: CIG8, top repair: 23TR and overbuild complete 2324MOBPL, 2329MOBPL, 2335MOBPL

  • Approximate complete weight depending on the service box depth 120-138lbs

Download Drawings of 23 Series Types

Installation Instructions

Download Drawings of 23 Series Overbuild

Download Drawings of 23 Series Top Repair

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