Transforming civil infrastructure with lightweight, locally manufactured composite products that save time, money and the environment

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At CIF Composites, we believe that good product = good project outcome

Combining the strength of concrete with the lightweight characteristics of plastic, our products are easy to install, UV-stable and manufactured entirely from non-corrosive materials.

Whether you're installing in soft soil conditions, remote locations, high-traffic areas, or residential and commercial developments, our durable products will perform effortlessly for years to come.

Efficient Service, Premium Product


We support you in selecting the right model and accessories to suit your project needs.


Your custom product is manufactured, palletized and shipped directly to your job site.


No heavy machinery is required to move your lightweight product into place.


Once connected, we will recommend various treatments to finish your structure.

Heavy-Duty Junction Box

Heavy-Duty Junction Boxes

Headwall installed under road


Service box installed next to a sidewalk in a new housing development

Service Boxes & Vaults

Make CIF Composites part of your strategic planning cycle

We partner with organizations worldwide to host virtual educational sessions on the impact of composite materials in the project lifecycle.

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  • We could not be happier with the results. My crew was able to knock this project out in two days start to finish and they were all impressed by your product. The headwall has now been installed for ten months and is holding up perfectly even with the extremely heavy rain events we have encountered. I will definitely be applying this product on other projects as the need arises.

    Matt Malone
  • We’ve been using CIF for years and have nothing but praise for them. They’re a great bunch of people. Before them, we were using plastic service boxes which weren’t the best quality. There was no drainage in them, and were very cramped, so we went to CIF and started using their products. Now my technicians like that they can get down in them and move around to work.

    Shauna Allen
  • Given the opportunity, we would use the Pro-Eco-Lite headwalls again.

    Lance Overstreet