Heavy-Duty Junction Boxes

Heavy duty junction box

Pro-Eco-Lite™ heavy-duty junction boxes are suitable for sidewalks, driveways, and off-road usage. They combine the strength of concrete with the lightweight characteristics of plastic. They are easy to install, lightweight, non-conductive and manufactured from all non-corrosive materials.

Design: Durable composite material reinforced with polymer concrete. Tier 22 load-rated (as per CSA) and skid-rated (as per ANSI) lids.

Features: Manufactured with all non-corrosive materials, non-conductive, and suitable for various electrical applications. Locking tamper-resistant lids with support cups for wire hangers.

​Benefits: Prefabricated, easy to install, performs well in hot/cold climates, gravel, boulevards, concrete/asphalt driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.

​Options: Change in grade locking risers. Available in 3 different series with 5 models available COMM, ELEC and custom lid moulds.

Certifications and Patents: Tier 22 load rating box and lid complete (CSA standard C22.2)

22 Series

  • 2218PLL-AE: 450 mm (18") deep bottom cut-out junction box with locking lid. Approximate weight = 115 lbs
  • 2224PLL-AE: 610 mm (24") deep bottom cut-out junction box with locking lid. Approximate weight = 125 lbs

Custom Marking Plates (for the 23 series heavy duty junction box and the standard 23 series)

Customize your 23 series lid!

Introducing our innovative solution to enhance the versatility of our 23 series lids while simultaneously cutting costs and streamlining lead times: our cutting-edge custom marking plate options. With our marking plate covers, you can elevate your operations by integrating a molded-in recess that facilitates the seamless installation of marking plates at various stages – be it at the factory, distribution center, or customer warehouse.

Our marking plates are designed to accommodate both standard and bespoke markings, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your unique requirements. By opting for our marking plate covers, you can revolutionize your inventory management processes and effortlessly customize covers at the point of installation. Say goodbye to cumbersome inventory management and hello to unparalleled efficiency with our customizable marking plate options. 

Marking plates are available in 2" x 8"  size and are securely fastened to our 23 series lids with adhesive. 

Available Markings: 

  • Communications
  • Electric
  • Traffic Signal 
  • High Voltage
  • Street Lighting 
  • CATV
  • Fiber Optics
  • Lighting
  • Water
  • Custom 

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